Virus(itis) and the stupids

“Stupids” is a non generic, non gender, non ism, apolitical word and only applies to those to whom the cap fits so should only offend those who it is intended to offend… the very stupid.

Coronavirus is extraordinarily dangerous because of the sheer volumes of infected and the inability to cope with all the seriously ill and in some cases the volumes of the dead.

This is where a solution lies.

The Government has been forced into ever increasing draconian measure to try and stop people who seem unable to take this virus seriously, for whatever reasons they may have. These are the stupids and they are very much in the minority, however the majority are having to comply with ever more restrictive rules because of the stupids and this needs a solution. Which is simple.

We live in a George Orwellian World with identification cameras on every corner so put them to use.

Anyone identified as flouting the basic common sense laws of social distancing should be identified and put on a “NHS watch” list (similar to a pub watch scheme) and sent to the back of the queue if they require treatment. This should also apply to parents who allow their offspring to flout the law.

Note the “back of the queue”.. not “out the queue” for those who think this particular kind of stupid should still have the same human rights as the people they are denying the same too.

This may make a difference to the level of stupidity in the stupids and the good things is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t as they will not be taking up valuable NHS resources.

This will increase the spread the critics will no doubt point out, probably, but not for long, not having access to medical facilities should have a fairly significant impact on the stupid part of your brain, and if not maybe the family of the stupid one will have more joy in imparting the significance of obeying the law when it affects people other than yourself.

This same principle can save a lot of NHS resources in the future.

Not wearing your seatbelt in an accident? “Sorry but that gent over there with the ingrowing toe nail is more important than your ruptured spleen and broken leg.”

Drunken brawls, people refusing addiction help, drink driving accidents, the list can be long and so beneficial resources wise, financially and as an excellent deterrent for future stupids.


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