Sing the unsung heroes

If you know what this book is all about and who it will benefit and want to skip all the blurb just click the “Buy Now” button which will take you straight to the store where it can be purchased as a “Print on demand” book.

Sing the unsung heroes is a book born from an idea to change the concept of charity and get around the donor fatigue brought on by the constant barrage of TV advertisements inviting you to provide water, sanctuary, help for a donkey and many other mostly, we think, worthwhile causes.

Charity is sought by some and despised by others who find themselves in a situation where they physically cannot live without it.

What then would you call a donation, to a group of people who through circumstances beyond their control find themselves in need of assistance, who are able to contribute towards the project raising money for that very assistance?

I like to call it Charity with dignity!

Sing the unsung heroes was to be a compilation of stories from the many people who have a story to tell about their experiences during the Rhodesian bush war, with a proviso, stories need to be different from the many books on sale about any war that involve deeds of great bravery and heroic deeds. Not everyone has those stories to tell so Sing the unsung heroes is intended to be more satirical and light-hearted.

Can war be light-hearted? No of course not but some of the experiences can be.

There were not as many contributions as I would have liked for the first book but hopefully through awareness of this book further contributions will lead to more books, a self-perpetuation charity so to speak. 

In buying this book you will be donating to a fund that will benefit the pensioners in Zimbabwe who once contributed to the economy and growth of that country and for their efforts, instead of enjoying the benefits of their contribution, have been reduced to relying on charity just to live because of gross economic mismanagement of an entire country.

There is NO welfare system in Zimbabwe!

We hope that you will find this book, which is not long, to be of some value to you in return for your donation to a worthy cause.