A Pint for a Pensioner

Facebook has become extremely politically correct in what they allow to be posted and given some of the content on there maybe a good thing, however it would probably disallow this post on grounds of offending the offended so welcome to a place where we care, not about the offended but for those who need it.

Donor fatigue?

It is not just Africa that has issues with caring for it’s own population, however Zimbabwe is in a class of it’s own here but sadly when ever I, and I’m sure so too are many others, am asked to donate to a cause in Africa I run, not so much from donor fatigue but because of the unlikelihood of any of my donation getting to the cause. Familiar story?

What this is all about

Anyone aware of the current situation in Zimbabwe will know that the pensioners there have no or very little meaningful pension, the economic policy took care of that over the last twenty years.

They also have no assets and more importantly no or very little other income or support as many in the country are in a similar situation. Those who care or still have family in Zimbabwe will be well aware of this.

There are organisations operating from South Africa taking food and essentials into Zimbabwe, one many are familiar with and donate to already called Z.A.N.E (Zimbabwe A National Emergency) This organisation is a life saver for many pensioners, to see what they are up to have a look here.

It is not enough though. The recent Cyclone in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries and the resulting loss of life, homes and livelihood and more importantly the level of Governmental support serves to emphasis the need for a sustained support for those that live in a country that offers non of what in a normal society you would take for granted in your old age.

There is an organisation in Zimbabwe, that again many people will be aware of that supports pensioners in a retirement community with medical and frail care facilities.

This is organisation is Borradail Trust in Marondra Zimbabwe

They can not continue to do so with out funds and the residents and many other pensioners in the country who rely on this facility are in many cases unable to pay for this support.

Remember there is NO OTHER SUPPORT from any official source.

Hard to imagine living in Socially enlightened countries?

What we are asking for..

We are asking for a monthly donation of just £3 payable through Paypal directly into the account of the Thomas Benyon Settlement Trust which is based in the UK and administers the fund for Borradaile Trust

This is important as currently funds paid by you directly into the country are not guaranteed to have the same value when they arrive as they did when leaving your account!!

The payment process is simple and transparent and you do not need a Paypal account to donate.

By using Paypal you have full control of your monthly donation and can stop it any time you wish too.

We would urge you join the Facebook group which will keep you up to date on whats happening with the Trust and how the Pensioners are getting on.

If you got this far, thank you for your time and would urge you to consider donating just £3 a month, less than a pint in most of the UK now!

You will make a difference!