Zimbabwe’s environmental time bomb.

Who is going to pay the environmental ferry man?

Facebook and other social media can be a two edged sword with many an indiscretion or unwanted publicity being broadcast to the World to see, however on the other side of the sword, so to speak, they do get to many millions of people and with luck changes for the good can be accomplished with more universal knowledge and understanding of a given situation.

I’m not a liberal, I believe liberals should be made to go and live with the mess they condone and be made to live the reality.

Hopefully this will not only result in a few less un-knowledgeable fanatics but maybe also gain a few more voices in support of massive environmental changes that are needed not just because the tree huggers say so but because we need the changes to survive as a human and animal race!

A problem in making people care is that the problem is always “far away” and therefore how can it possibly affect my lifestyle?

Chances are depending how old you are and where you live that it won’t.

Fast forward to your grandchildren’s World.. if only we could, it would make change now a foregone conclusion. I have never been to South America where we hear the lungs of the World are being removed at a prodigious rate so can’t relate to it.. it’s the other side of the World! I have though been to Africa where the environmental tragedy is more apparent to more people and it is horrifying in that it is going unchecked and escalating.

To get back to Facebook, because of it, I saw pictures of rivers bursting banks, dams being destroyed, people trapped and roads flooded and washed away. Sounds a little like Britain last year?

This is not Britain though but Zimbabwe where these rivers have flowed for centuries, had their share of floods and droughts, but not since man has been there has this sort of damage occurred.

What is being blamed? The 12 inches of rain in 24 hours.

If that happened in many European countries they would probably sink, but this is not Europe it is Africa, the home of tropical storms and heavy rains, so why the damage now? Africa can be a harsh environment and when not Governed correctly and it’s resources not husbanded it can and will bite back hard!

Over the last twenty odd years environment control in Zimbabwe has been virtually non existent outside of talking about it enough to get the next hand out.

The result of little control is riverine cultivation and uncontrolled deforestation which has significantly increased the severity of the current flooding disaster.

It’s junior school text book stuff, any fool knows that remove the top cover off the land and the rest will follow!

Why should we living in Europe give a damn about what happens in Zimbabwe? Reap what you sow and all that!

However it is not quite that simple, rivers do not recognise international boundaries and all have one eventual destination, which belongs to the planet and of some importance to those of us using it,… the Oceans.

Just because in the rigidly controlled country you may live in does not allow pesticides and other harmful chemicals does not mean that a country with little or no Governance does the same.

What ends up in the sea is not just water.

What is left behind is no longer fit for anything besides desertification!

The ramifications, as do the rivers, know no borders!

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