Forget Brexit declare UDI

Once upon a time in a country far far away put its middle finger to a better use than normal by telling Britain  to go shove itself and it’s dictatorial policies in a place seldom seen by the sun.

This country was land locked, relied totally on other countries for its survival, was only seventy six years old had a white population of 224000 a black population of around 6.5 million and a gross domestic product per capita of $297.36.  In 1980 it was $932.26 and peaked in 1982 after a huge influx of guilty conscience investment and then rapidly declined back to $325.68 in 2010 although inflation figures never before seen probably makes a mockery of any of these figures after 1980. How does an economist come up with a GDP figure when it is literally cheaper to wipe your butt with a ten trillion dollar note than buy toilet paper?

Non of which is the point, which is to try a draw a parallel to Brexit and UDI which is impossible as there were non.

  • Rhodesia relied on exports, Britain relies on imports with a massive trade deficit.
  • Rhodesia had immediate wide spread sanctions imposed on it Britain doesn’t.
  • Rhodesia had threats of war from the country they were parting company from. Britain doesn’t.
  • Rhodesia was 76 years old and under developed. Britain is anyone’s guess but older than 76 and certainly not undeveloped.

There are probably many other dis-similarities and one glaring similarity. Both countries population did not an do not think the separation will be good for the economy and there was then and is now wide spread anxiety.

To put it all into a perspective.

The World needs Britain more than Britain needs the World. In terms of spending that is.

Tell the BMW manufacturers that due to their idiotic Government the UK will now drive much cheaper Japanese imports, tell the Italians that Californian wine tastes so much better than theirs so drink it themselves, tell the French people the 35 billion worth of goods they send across the channel every year is in jeopardy, the Spanish to stop making so many Tapas in future, tell the lovely ever so slightly high people in Amsterdam that the British will be partying at home in the future,  the the list goes on. Who will be the ultimate loser?

Britain exports on average £223 billion worth of goods to the EU and imports  £291 billion that is a £68 billion deficit why would you not deal with your best customer?

Britain will not be threatened with war or sanctions or have to try and find a way to appease and feed the majority of a population that relies on the Government to survive, although this last point is a moot one. Britain is a thriving economy in its own right with a starting point a whole heap further down the line than when Rhodesia declared their Brexit. And the result of the Rhodesian “Brexit?”

The Rhodesian economy grew because it had to step up to the plate, the World needed the countries product simply because it was of the highest quality, made that way by necessity. It built an industrial infrastructure because it had to. It worked and the country prospered against all expectations because of the people.

Britain has all the advantages and non of the disadvantages besides a fear of the unknown. It has all the economic wherewithal to not only maintain the current level of economic stability but also to grow, all it needs is for its people to step up to the plate and show a little more of the infamous British backbone.

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