Too few trees and not enough condoms

Once upon a time, long time before being overly offended was popular, the World didn’t have, or at least didn’t think about, this thing called climate change which started out as Global warming but didn’t take into account the places that were becoming much cooler. So what’s different? Probably not a lot really and maybe […]

Artificial Intelligence the hidden menace.

In the news today antibiotic resistance is deemed more dangerous than global warning with the same news builtin telling us banks are closing branched because of automation, One bank, a small one, will lose 1200 workers. And further in the news, Gatwick airport is trialling robotic car parking getting rid of more workers. Not in […]

Brexit stumbles on

And #Brexit stumbles on like the drunk who according to the pub goer gurus will no longer be going to the pubs, or the farmer staggering around his un ploughed fields, the destitute fisherman all caught up with nowhere to row, or how about the truck driver sitting in his empty truck with not even […]

Forget Brexit declare UDI

Once upon a time in a country far far away put its middle finger to a better use than normal by telling Britain  to go shove itself and it’s dictatorial policies in a place seldom seen by the sun. This country was land locked, relied totally on other countries for its survival, was only seventy […]

The Zimbabwean highway to hell

Zimbabwe could look back on 2008 with fond memories with what 2018 has the potential to unleash! A return to the 2008 scenario is not possible, it can only be a lot worse but for very different reasons. In 2008 inflation far outstripped Brazil when it shut down and a solution was found. Zimbabwe needed […]

Zimbabwe’s dollars triumphant return

It seems we have another un-thought out policy based on the Zimbabwean Government’s total belief that you can fool all the people all of the time. The dollar, all be it an ethereal entity has, it seems, made a non triumphant return and is backed by… well nothing really. It was the last regime’s idea […]

A pint for a pensioner

The Key to Zimbabwe’s recovery

Zimbabwe is not a problem that is going to simply disappear and needs to become part of any responsible Government’s agenda with the aim of finding a workable solution. Whilst it is recognised, by all parties concerned besides the Government recipients, that simply giving monetary aid is no benefit at all and a compromise is […]

True cost of Zimbabwe’s rain

The drought in Zimbabwe appears to be well and truly over to much jubilation and calls for more rain becuase there have been too many years of unsustainable rainfall. Droughts and seasons of abundant rainfall are natural cycles and should have little effect on natural environment, and for many millennia the environment was able to […]

Zimbabwe’s environmental time bomb.

Who is going to pay the environmental ferry man? Facebook and other social media can be a two edged sword with many an indiscretion or unwanted publicity being broadcast to the World to see, however on the other side of the sword, so to speak, they do get to many millions of people and with […]

Treat the cause not the system in post colonial Africa.

Zimbabwe’s and perhaps much of  Africa’s fundamental problems lie in the fact that politicians are trying to solve problems caused by politicians which results in the symptoms constantly being treated without removing the cause. It’s not about printing bond notes, who pinched the US$15 billion diamond revenue or who  re-stole an already stolen farm or […]