Brexit stumbles on

And #Brexit stumbles on like the drunk who according to the pub goer gurus will no longer be going to the pubs, or the farmer staggering around his un ploughed fields, the destitute fisherman all caught up with nowhere to row, or how about the truck driver sitting in his empty truck with not even an illegal immigrant hitching a ride, or maybe the pensioner stocking up on medicines made in the UK, America or Switzerland because everyone believed those telling us that England is doing the back flip forward roll off the cliffs of Dover… no strings attached. And it must be true even if as usual there is never a reason, never a “because…. ” always just a statement. For the predictors of doom, you can not be the cure when you are part of the problem. UK buys more than it sells, the big World out there would love to sell their wares to Britain with great deals, why wouldn’t they. Will there be some hardship? Maybe, unlikely, and probably no worse than making that decision to eat that two week old meat pie in you fridge… it will pass!

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