Artificial Intelligence the hidden menace.

In the news today antibiotic resistance is deemed more dangerous than global warning with the same news builtin telling us banks are closing branched because of automation, One bank, a small one, will lose 1200 workers. And further in the news, Gatwick airport is trialling robotic car parking getting rid of more workers.

Not in the news, yet, super markets have ever increasing self check outs with some having no human check outs at all. Delivery in the very near future will be done by drones. Manufacturing uses very few humans. Pubs already use robotic drink dispensers. Your doctor is now on line as is most of your shopping getting rid of the high street and more human workers. The policeman on the beat has been replaced by cameras along with smart highways and cars driving themselves getting rid of another human led industry. Aircraft have not needed a navigator for decades and now pilots are only there to keep the passengers happy. Librarians, data entry operators, watch repair humans, cobblers all making way to artificial inelegance When did you last go to a human to get a new key cut for your front door or even to get your photos developed?

All this in the name of protecting humans from menial jobs?

Perhaps more thought should go into how the unemployed are going to stop themselves dying, more from a lack of means to feed themselves than from a resistance to antibiotics them will no longer be able to afford anyway.

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