A Pint for a Pensioner

What is a Pint for a Pensioner all about?

We are all asked to help someone in another country or even another continent. Unless we have some sort of direct link to the problem, physically or emotionally we are unlikely to respond.

We understand this which is why A Pint For a Pensioner aims directly at Zimbabweans is the vast diaspora. A diaspora created by the same people who have made it essential to recognise the need to help a whole generation of people. A generation who have contributed to a socioeconomic system that has now abandoned them.

It would not be so bad if they were simply abandoned and left to their own devices. They have sadly also been robbed of the very means to look after themselves, many times, by a level of corruption and incompetence seldom seen in recent history.

Our Aim and end goal.

  1. To communicate with everyone we possibly can. Anyone who has any form of connection to Zimbabwe with the aim of keeping them informed of the plight of a generation in need of help. In need through no fault of their own.
  2. To promote the groups and individuals already making a difference to those in need.
  3. To allow people to make a small monthly contribution to help those on the ground in Zimbabwe achieve their own goals of helping others.
  4. To be able to raise a sustainable monthly donation that will then allow those organisations to make meaningful long term changes in peoples lives.

By clicking on the PayPal button you will be taken through to the site and given simple safe options to donate to this worthy cause.

What about Donor fatigue?

It is not just Africa that has issues with caring for its own population, however, Zimbabwe is in a class of its own in this regard.

Sadly whenever I am asked to donate to a cause in Africa I run, not so much from donor fatigue but because of the unlikelihood of any of my donation getting to the actual recipients of the cause. Familiar story?

We want to change that perception. Get rid of donor fatigue by being completely open and transparent about where your donations are going and who they will help.

Why should I donate?

Anyone aware of the ongoing situation in Zimbabwe will know that the pensioners there have no, or very little meaningful pension, financial support or even a means of surviving.

The countries economic policies have taken care of that over the last twenty years.

They have few assets and not a lot of income but more importantly, no support other than that provided by a number of groups who work tirelessly to try and give the pensioners a means to survive.

Those who care or still have family in Zimbabwe will be well aware of this.

There is no discrimination, many people in the country of every race or creed are in a similar predicament.

There are organisations operating from South Africa taking food and essentials into Zimbabwe for the pensioners in need. One many are familiar with and perhaps donate to already is called Z.A.N.E (Zimbabwe A National Emergency) This organisation is a lifesaver for many pensioners. To see what they are up to have a look at their Facebook page.

It is not enough though. The lack of any sort of Governmental support serves to emphasis the need for a sustained method of support for those that live in the country. A country that offers non of what, in a normal society, you would take for granted in your old age.

There are a number of organisations inside Zimbabwe that are quite literally keeping pensioners alive.

Round Table Zimbabwe and The Old legs Tour are two such organisations that raise incredible amounts of money in support of the destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe.

In order for any money raised by you through a Pint for a Pensioner to do the most good, we have teamed up with Round Table Harare No 1 and The Old legs Tour who administer the funds raised and more importantly, being on the ground are able to identify those who are in urgent need of different types of support.

Remember there is NO SUPPORT from any official source.

A pint for a pensioner

What are we asking for? A monthly donation of just the price of a Pint of beer.

We use PayPal. This is important as currently funds paid by you directly into the country are not guaranteed to have the same value when they arrive as they did when leaving your account!!

The payment process is simple and transparent and you do not need a Paypal account to donate.

By using Paypal you have full control of your monthly donation and can stop it any time you wish too.

We would urge you to join the Facebook group which will keep you up to date on what’s happening with the funds and how the Pensioners are getting on. This will also allow you to share to as many like-minded people as you can… Please.

If you got this far, thank you for your time and would urge you to consider donating just that one pint?

You will make a difference!